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Homeopath & Kinesiologist

M.C.H(lon) R.S. Hom, P.G. Hom, I.T.E.C.Dip, ASK Cert, NHS Directory

Gosia has been a member of Chandos Clinic since the turn of the millennium in 2000. She has been a practicing homoeopath since 1993 and qualified as a kinesiologist in 2007.

She continues to hone her experience in all therapies, recently completing a postgraduate diploma in homoeopathy. She has also added Quantum Touch therapy to her systematic kinesiology portfolio.

Gosia is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner of kinesiology and homeopathy at the highest level.

Treatment information for homeopathy and kinesiology

For further information visit:

The NHS Directory

The Society of Homeopaths

Association of Systematic Kinesiology

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