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BSc (Hons) BOst

Mala took the scenic route to osteopathy. After a degree in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Bristol (1989), she pursued a career in educational publishing and television. Discovering yoga in her early twenties triggered a burgeoning interest in health and well-being, which led to her finding her true vocation and qualifying as an osteopath from the British School of Osteopathy in London in 2004.

After more than twenty years in the field, she is passionate about partnering with patients to maximise their “health span” - increasing the number of years that they are in good health so that they can continue the activities and interests that nourish them as they move through all the stages of their lives. She directs her continuing professional development on this area of optimising health through all possible means, including nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

As part of this, she qualified as a yoga teacher in 2014 after training in California in Yin Yoga, and combines this with her increasing devotion to resistance training, which can play such an important role in maintaining health and strength. She is skilled in all aspects of osteopathic treatment, and has a pragmatic approach to adapting her practice and techniques to suit a diverse population of patients.

When not in clinic, she dabbles in singing and piano, and attempts to deter the neighbourhood cats from doing unspeakable things in her beloved garden.

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