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There are many ways in which the gentle method of cranial osteopathy can help babies and children.

At your child's first appointment, the osteopath will take a full case history followed by a treatment. This will take between 30 and 40 minutes. Treatment is generally given with children fully clothed but they will need to take off heavier items and will need to remove their shoes.

You will need to stay during the treatment so you can talk to, read to, play with or hold your child if necessary. You are welcome to bring favourite toys or books with you. Osteopaths are very adaptable and will accommodate your child in any way they can, to make the treatment a positive experience.

During the treatment your child will feel light pressure on the head and body and maybe some gentle movement of the limbs and trunk. Children are normally relaxed after a treatment and often sleep well but, on occasion, they may be unsettled for a day or so.


Babies can be treated with Cranial Osteopathy from birth upwards. The birth process puts a lot of stress and strain on the baby, so it is advisable to see an osteopath within the first six weeks to check for any signs of physical imbalance.

Osteopathy can help restore any normal movement in the body that may have been affected in the birth process.

Older babies, especially once on the move, benefit from treatment too.

Cranial Osteopathy has been known to successfully treat a wide range of problems seen in babies.


Cranial Osteopathy is a good way of supporting the growing changes of a child as well as dealing with other issues that may arise.

Whether or not your child is very active, day to day knocks and accidents occur. Some of these may impact on your child's behaviour, development and general health.

An osteopath will be able to re-balance the body through sacro-cranial treatment and aid your child's recovery and wellbeing.

Our practitioners at The Chandos Clinic are:

Giles Cleghorn | Mala Balani | Barbara Moulang | Davina Hill 

Treatment information for adults

For further information visit:

General Osteopathic Council

British Osteopathic Association

Sutherland Cranial College

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