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Kinesiology comes from the Greek word 'kinesis', meaning motion, and is known as the study of movement. It uses many of the concepts of Chinese Acupuncture, without the use of needles, to very good effect.

Kinesiology is a diagnostic tool which identifies imbalances within the body by monitoring your ability to hold a specific muscle against light pressure. Each muscle is related to an organ via an energy pathway known as a meridian.

The treatment involves gentle pressure to specific muscles in order to find signs of weakness. This is followed by a series of correction techniques which balance the energy within the body.

It is a gentle non-invasive therapy with no side effects and is safe for all ages and states of health, including babies and pregnant women.

Food Intolerance Testing

Gosia Gray has introduced a new method, using the DIETX Electro Dermal analyser, for food and environment sensitivity testing, and detecting vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

This technique, first discovered by Dr Reinold Voll in 1950, is similar to VEGA testing. The technique is painless and provides an assessment tailored to the needs of the client.

The consultation will take around 1 hour to complete and will provide immediate results.

Advice will be given on alternative diets, nutritional supplements and cosmetics, as applicable.

Our practitioner at The Chandos Clinic is:

Gosia Gray

For further information visit:

Kinesiology Association

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