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"I have been exceptionally pleased with the treatment I received.  One of the best features is the way I am encouraged to help myself with exercises at home. I would also like to comment on the quality of the service at reception. I am always greeted with politeness, courteousness and warmth."


"My wife and I have always found the Chandos Clinic to be friendly, efficient and helpful. We have no hesitation in recommending it to our friends. We have both benefitted enormously from Mala's skill and dedication. It is not too much to say that she has changed our lives."


"There is always a warm welcome from the receptionist. I like the fact they contact me the day before my appointment to remind me. Giles really listens to my body and has a brilliant ability to get to the core of the problem."


"I have been having treatment from Giles for twenty five years for severe back pain. The treatment is cranial osteopathy which has helped me considerably and I wouldn't be able to cope without it. The reception staff are always polite and friendly and considerate."



"I come to see Barbara periodically when I am in a lot of pain  from too much computer use or when I am simply not looking after myself properly. I have always found that the treatments have quite an immediate, positive and lasting effect. Chandos Clinic is a lovely, welcoming and happy place to visit, the reception staff are always really friendly and helpful."


"After being told by a Doctor at Frenchay hospital A+E that I would never be able to lift my arm above my head after fracturing my shoulder, I was absolutely delighted that after Osteopathic treatments at the Chandos Clinic I was not only able to put my arm above my head but I could do almost everything that I was doing before my accident.  I have recommended the clinic to many family members and friends."


"I have had problems with my spine for many years, undergone various treatments but to no avail, until I came to Barbara Moulang at the Chandos Clinic. My spine is now in alignment, I feel a few inches taller, my posture has improved and I am free from pain. I would certainly recommend this Clinic for Osteopathy."


"I used to suffer from back pain and neck pain due to nature of my job. I need to be constantly at my PC. It came to a point where my pain was unbearable and I could not perform my job at best. I was eagerly looking for someone who could get rid of my pain and that's when I came across the Chandos Clinic. First, I was a bit sceptical whether this would work, but surprisingly after the 2nd treatment the pain started to reduce and eventually after a couple of treatments the pain had gone. I would strongly recommend Osteopathic treatment for anyone who suffers with body pain.''


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